Greis Inc. started in the mid-1930's by Joseph F. Greis, and was later joined by his younger brother, Charles E.. Greis. The name was originally EFG Distributing and was later changed to Greis Brothers, once Charles joined.

Before Charles joined, "Joe" would visit his customers in person each week to get their grocery orders, fill the orders and deliver them the next day--all by himself! As the business grew, the need for more employees became apparent.

After Joe and Charles partnered, they eventually hired their first employee that worked to assist in the day-to-day operations, including deliveries.

The original location was at 2nd & Sycamore Streets in Cincinnati, which is where US Bank Arena currently stands. Every year the Ohio River would flood the banks of Cincinnati and Greis Brothers' business would be interrupted only for a day or two by the high waters. During the annual floods, Joseph and Charles would move the products from the first floor of the warehouse to the upper four floors, as well as bring some product to their homes to keep them dry. When the waters receded, they would move everything back to its place.

In 1963, Greis Brothers was eventually moved to a warehouse on Dalton Street, near the Union Terminal. In 1977, Joe died (at the age of 66) and Charles retired a year later. Joe's sons, Joe Jr. and Leo, took over running Greis Brothers and decided to move to a larger location on York Street due to increased business.

Presently Greis Inc. is being run by Joe, Jr., his son, Eric, and their partner, Mark Bresser at their present location on Gest Street near I-75.